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How Acupuncture Changed My Life

Acupuncture was a major life-changer for me in a very difficult time. I would like to share my experience because it is something that can help with different types of issues. These included chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and respiratory problems just to name a few. What is Acupuncture: Acupuncture works by balancing your “chi” (flow of energy) through pathways known …

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Cloisters: A Walk in Medieval Times

The Met Cloisters are an enchanting museum that manages to feature medieval art in an environment that resembles the times they were created. Architecture A Cloister is a covered walk in a monastery or cathedral that has a wall that leads into and an open area/quart yard. The buildings are based around four cloisters, Saint-Guilhem, the Cuxa, Trie and Bonnefont …

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Top 5 Sephora Sale Must-Haves: August 2019

I want to share my top 5 Sephora must-haves since they are having a big Sale in August. It Cosmetics – Secret Sauce: I love the way this moisturizer feels. Especially in the summer, it’s so lightweight! Tip: Apply skin products like moisturizer and let them soak in your skin for about 15 minutes. I usually do my eye makeup …

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Virginia Beach: Summer Fun

This was our second time visiting Virginia Beach. We have some friends that have been getting together each summer to enjoy the beach together. We joined them two years ago for a 40th birthday and were lucky enough to join again this year. I think friends getting together like this is very important. It’s a good way to keep in …

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The Purple Pig: Mediterranean Food Reimagined

The Purple Pig… I don’t even know where to start. Maybe it’s that I’m hungry right now, but I am romanticizing this restaurant because I love it so much! The Purple Pig has dishes that satisfy your tastebuds with every bite. My husband and I have been here multiple times. The first time was on June 2016. I was looking …

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I hope this blog helps you in your travels, foodie adventures or journey as a parent.