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Oh Baby!!

We are excited to have a baby on the way. Being a parent has completely changed our lives and although it’s been a crazy adjustment it has been the most amazing journey. I’m still in awe of how much a human grows and develops in such a short amount of time. 

We wanted to try to have our children close in age so that they can have a little friend to grow up with. Being the oldest of four and having a big age gap can be lonely so I’m so happy that they will have a smaller age gap. 

From talking to friends that have small children close in age, we know it will be a challenge but it will get easier with time.

Being pregnant for the second time has been interesting for sure. I kind of feel like I somehow forgot what being pregnant is like. Nausea has been obnoxious and I am sooo tired! I am hoping the second trimester will be easier.


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