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January 21, 2019

Lilly Jade vs Target Diaper Bag

As a parent, having the right type of diaper bag is really important. You get to hall around all your little one’s essentials plus a lot of other things you probably don’t need.

When I was shopping for a diaper bag I wanted to find something that was aesthetically pleasing and easy to carry. Of course, Google picked up on it and I kept coming across ads for Lily Jade diaper bags. They are great looking diaper bags that come with an insert that has many compartments to keep you organized. They also had a lot of good feedback so, I purchased one and figured it was worth the splurge ($340).

Fast forward 2 months later when I had my baby and I quickly realized that I had to be practical when heading out the door. At first, my husband and I would mostly just walk to the waterfront in New York City with our baby so we could get some fresh air. We would throw the Lily Jade bag in our stroller and it did the job. This was in the beginning when I wouldn’t go out of the apratment alone.

As time passed and I started to venture out on my own I began to find that the diaper bag I had invested on was not as practical as I had expected for someone who lives in NewYork since I don’t get to travel in my own vehicle. This sometimes meant I was using a Baby K’tan to carry my baby rather than using a stroller where I could throw my diaper bag. As a result, I began to wear a $35 backpack I had bought from Target as opposed to the Lilly Jade diaper bag. The backpack was smaller and easier to carry. We have traveled everywhere with it, even the pyramids in Mexico City.

I realize a lot of parents are searching for a diaper bag so I did a side by side comparison in case this will help parents that are trying to figure out what kind of diaper bag to get. Or mybe you know an expectant mom that is trying to find a diaper bag.

Lily Jade vs Target Backpack

Please note that if you are breastfeeding you probably won’t need these many bottles.

I also added a lot of items only to illustrate how much can fit in these bags. Our daughter eats every 2-3 hours so this is packing for 8-10 hours.

Here is a list of the Items above:

Since the Target backpack doesn’t have a changing pad I bought a SkipHop portable changing mat to carry. I prefer this option because it’s easier to take this portion out when changing her rather than the whole backpack. Especially when you are at a restaurant!

Lily Jade

Lily Jade Insert which comes with changing pad

Target Backpack

As you can see, these two bags are very useful. The reason I shared this post is that it’s important to find what works best for YOU. If you are looking for a beautiful higher quality diaper bag and have easy accessibility where you live, Lily Jade is a great choice. On the other hand, if you are practical and want to splurge on other baby items rather than a diaper bag, go with a light fashionable backpack and buy the Skiphop portable changing pad that you can literally use with ANY bag.

I hope you have found this to be helpful. Since my backpack is no longer available but I have added a few similar ones below:

My husband decided to purchase his own backpack which has worked just as well. This is a good unisex option:

Herschel Backpack

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