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July 1, 2022

Tombstone Day Trip

OK Corral: Tombstone Day Trip

We took a day trip from Tucson, AZ to visit Tombstone. It’s a great way to relive the Old West. The town is very well preserved to give you the vibe of what Arizona was like at the time. 

City Hall: Tombstone Day Trip

You can encounter actors reenacting the Wild West, ride a horse and carriage, window shop, saloons, etc.

Tombstone Day Trip

Things to do:

Walking Tour

The Semi-Annual Tombstone Wine Celebration (October 2022)

Tombstone Day Trip
Tombstone Day Trip
Carriage Ride: Tombstone Day Trip

Side note: We saw plenty of people ride these carriages and they were fine but I do want to mention we did not have a good experience. One of the horses got startled by a bug or something when my husband and son were getting on the carriage that is knocked over the steps to board the carriage. We got out safely but it was a long 5 minutes to get off the carriage.

Tombstone Day Trip

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