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June 4, 2022

Tips for planning a trip to Santorini

Tips for planning a trip to Santorini

Santorini is a staple of the Greek Islands. It has stunning views from pretty much anywhere you go. The sunsets are the most beautiful you will ever see, the food is incredible, especially seafood, and there is plenty to explore. Unlike Paros, Greece, Santorini is a busy tourist attraction.

What city to stay in?

We chose Thera (also known as Fira or Thira) because it is a lively city with plenty of restaurants, shops, and exploring that are within walking distance. Happy to say this was a kid-friendly trip. Thera was also recommended by a Greek friend, so what better than an insider tip!

Tips for planning a trip to Santorini

How to get to Thera

We took a ferry from Paros, Greece but luckily Santorini has an airport!

Should I rent a car?

This really depends on how much you want to see. If you stay in Thera you can hire a car to go to Oia which is 20 to 30 minutes away or you can choose to stay local and enjoy places within walking distance. We opted to rent a car because we wanted to explore as much as possible since our stay was just a couple of days. Tip: Get full coverage insurance if you rent a car 😉

Tips for planning a trip to Santorini

Where to stay

Our hotel Theoxenia Hotel was a dream! The location was amazing and it was great to have a room with a terrace to have a glass of wine while our toddler slept. This hotel included a very well-rounded breakfast that we enjoyed every morning overlooking the beautiful Aegean Sea. We got to enjoy the same view as the restaurants below us in the privacy of our own terrace.

Tips for planning a trip to Santorini
Restaurants and Main street located below us
Breakfast View

What to do

Santo Wines: First off the views from Santo Wines are stunning and the good news is the wines are great too. The wine tasting we did had a good variety and complimentary snacks.

Akrotiri Museum: The museum features artifacts, it’s on the smaller side so I recommend it if you are a history buff. Also, it’s on the boat/ small restaurant that I mention below.

Boat Ride/Beach Hop: These boats can take you on a tour as well as allow you to jump off and on depending on which beach you want to go with. The memorable ones to me were the Red and White Beach. We spotted Akro Hideaway from here and returned the next day to spend most of our time at their beach.

Melina’s Tavern: This restaurant was one of my favorites. It was at the bottom of the hill close to the museum. I remember this location being so serene. We went on an off-peak time and got to have lunch after our boat ride.

Akro Hideaway: This beach club was amazing. We were so lucky to find it on our boat ride. We spent a good part of the day here. We relaxed by the beach, had an outdoor massage, and had a great stay.

Ammoudi Fish Restaraunt: Located in Oia, it is about 20 to 30 minutes from Thera. This place is right by the sea. The servers and managers were so nice and friendly. We hung out here for a couple of hours because we were early to our dinner reservation and anticipated more things to be in the area. I’m not taking away from how special Ammoudi Fish Restaurant is because the food and view are great. Tip: Bring water shoes.

Sunset by Paraskevas: This location is known for having the best sunset in Oia. I highly recommend making a reservation early on. We came here for dinner around sunset and it really lives up to the hype. The food was great and the view was breathtaking. My photos do not do it justice.

Explore Thera!

As I mentioned before there are many shops and restaurants (including ice cream shops) to check out.

We ate here on our last day in Santorini. I am not one to order a salad but wow this one was so good and unique. Would you try an anchovy salad?

Anchovy Salad

Our stay in Santorini was a dream! It truly is a beautiful place and it was wonderful to be able to stumble across amazing hidden gems. I hope we get to return soon!

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