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December 17, 2020

Tips to Teach Your Baby Spanish!

Children will learn the most in the first three years of life. That is why introducing a second language is helpful for a child’s development. 
There are many benefits to being bilingual. It can increase awareness of other cultures, provide more job opportunities, increase brain power (you’re brain ages slower), and can even increase the ability to learn a third language.
For me, it was very important to introduce my daughter to Spanish. I started talking to her in Spanish from birth when we were one on one and a mix of English and Spanish around my English-speaking husband. 
She is two and a half years old and is able to understand and speak English and Spanish. It is our intention to continue this as she gets older so we have to make sure to immerse her in Spanish on a regular basis. I am proud of the little library we have built for her and my new baby.
Introducing a second language can be done by anyone even if you are not bilingual yourself. I have put together some of my favorite tips to teach your baby Spanish. 
Lufi & Friends:
Some of my favorite books are from Lufi and Friends. These books are so cute and have about 5 or 6 Spanish songs. The book has a small little tab that when pressed plays a couple of verses from a song. They range from sweet sleepy lullabies like “Duerme Ya” to energetic traditional songs like “La Vaca Lola”.
Here is a list of titles. 
Another easy way to listen to Spanish kid songs is Alexa, Pandora, and other streaming services. If you don’t know the specific name of the song that you want to listen to, you can just search “Canciones Infantiles.”
Lil’ Libros
I can’t talk about bilingual books without mentioning Lil Libros. They have a series of cute books about Spanish-speaking icons like Frida, Selena, Chapulin, and Walter to name a few.
They also highlight different parts of Latin culture like Del Colores, Un Elefante, La Catrina, or Loteria (book). Another key book is First 100 Words in English and Spanish. They also have a game called Loteria (Spanish Bingo). 
Lift a Flap Books:
I like these books because babies and children are able to go along with you and lift a flap to reveal words or pictures. 
Classic Books: 
This is an interactive book that has different selections. You can click on the picture to listen to it in English, Spanish, and hear the sound it makes. 
My First Word Flashcards: These are amazing flashcards because they are tactile and features the words in English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. Here are some of the categories of the options available: Colors & Shapes, Animals, and First Words.
MudPuppy Illustrated Flashcards are easier to travel with because they are held together by a link.
That summarizes our current collection to help teach your baby spanish.
I will be adding more items to my Amazon Profile if you would like to see more. 
Thank you for following along. 
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