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September 18, 2019

15 Travel & Packing Must-Haves: For Solo and Family Travel

Here are some of my must-haves whether you are traveling solo or with a toddler.

Packing Tools

Packing Cubes: These Cubes help categorize what you are bringing. I like these cubes because they have a netting so you can see what’s inside. This pack even comes with a dirty laundry bag. Since I have to pack for myself and my daughter, it really helped to put things into cubes to avoid a big mess. These are some of the categories I used:

  • Clothing – Everyday
  • Clothing – Beach, PJs, etc.
  • Baby Clothes – Everyday
  • Baby Clothes – Bathing Suits, PJs, Socks
  • Etc…

Travel Shoe Bag: These were a game changer! I brought two of these with me and was able to bring 2 shoes in one and 3 shoes in the second. These are clear and keep things clean.

Luggage Scale: This is a helpful way to stay under the weight restrictions for luggage and avoid paying extra. Even worse, having to rearrange your luggage at the airport to weigh less!

European Travel Plug Adapter: These are simple and come in a pack of three.

Waterproof Phone Pouch: A great way to keep your phone protected while you are at the pool or the beach.

Portable Phone Charger: I like this one because it’s small, lightweight and has a couple of charges for your iPhone.

Pill Case: These are cute macaroon shaped pill cases. I carried lactase pills to have accessible before meals (fits 8 pills). I carry this in my purse and refill as needed. These cases can also be used to carry small jewelry if you’d like.

Jewelry/Makeup Travel Bag: This bag has two sides for storage. One side helps keep necklaces, rings, and earrings organized. I use the opposite side for brushes and makeup.

Baby/Toddler Travel Essentials

Light-Weight Umbrella Stroller: We were uncertain about bringing a stroller but I am very glad that we did! It made it easier for our daughter to take a nap and eased the pain of having to carry her 24/7. Although a lot of the streets and roads were cobblestone the stroller was still sturdy enough to travel on them. When we came across steps, it was lightweight enough to carry. At certain restaurants, we were able to fold it and put it aside with no problems. I highly recommend this stroller for travel.

Travel Carseat: This car seat is so light and easy to install. It was easy for us to use it on our way to and from the airport. As well as installing it on our rental. We have rented a car seat in the past and found it easier to bring one with us this time. Plus the Car Seat Travel Strap makes it easy to carry from one place to the other.

Car Seat Travel Strap: As mentioned above this strap made it easy to strap the car seat to one of our suitcases.

Stroller/Car Seat Airport Bag: I highly recommend getting a travel bag to protect your stroller and car seat while they are traveling on the plane. This bag is big enough for a stroller and car seat.

Portable Mini-Fan: This mini-fan came was helpful on the car seat, stroller and at the beach.

Portable Bottle Drying Rack: We carry this when we travel because I don’t like the idea of drying bottles on a hotel counter. It’s a good way to keep the bottles clean and help them air dry quicker.

Yeti Rambler: This was key in helping our daughters milk stay cool while we were on the plane, exploring different cities and driving to a different destination. I highly recommend getting one.

Bonus tip for traveling with a baby on Red Eye is Baby Carrier so that they can sleep on you hands free.

These are my must-haves, do you have any travel essentials that you recommend?

Safe Travels!!!

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