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August 7, 2019

Baby Teith: Rock-n-Roll Kids Clothing

Baby Teith

When it comes to baby clothes Baby Teith is one of my favorite brands. They feature a lot of unisex clothes that are influenced by alternative bands for the 70s-90s. It’s a refreshing change to the usual pink and blue clothes you tend to find for boys and girls. Plus who doesn’t want their kid to look cool in something that references your favorite band?

Baby Teith
Baby Teith
Lets Dance

My favorites include the shirts Pretty in Black, Lets Dance, All is Full of Love and Some Body to Love. I mean it’s referencing a classic movie, David Bowie, Bjork and Queen! There are a lot of other items I have my eye on like Baby Bat, Mama Bat, and some of the leggings or dresses if I can ever get my hands on them before they get sold out.

Somebody to Love
Somebody to Love

Another thing I like about Baby Teith is that it was founded by Tiffe Fermaint, a talented female designer from Phoenix, AZ. She started the clothing line after her daughter was born in 2013. Not only does she make the clothing on demand (less wasteful) but it’s also made in the US. Talk about Girl Power 😉

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