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August 5, 2019

Is the Snoo Worth it?

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When I was pregnant people would always say things like, “get all the sleep you can now before the baby comes.” This was a scary thought because I was already losing sleep over being pregnant. I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. It wasn’t so much because I was uncomfortable but because I was so preoccupied with thoughts about being pregnant and also worrying about what if’s. I knew I wanted to get some rest once my baby arrived. So when I heard there was a “smart bassinet” called the Snoo, I was excited to know more about it.

I did what most parents do… I did my research and found that the Snoo came with a pretty hefty price tag. At the same time, I read so many reviews of parents that raved about how the Snoo helped them have more sleep. My husband was also told by two new dads that it was worth the investment.

What is Snoo?

The Snoo is a smart bassinet that soothes your baby as a response to your baby crying or fussing. It does this by providing different levels of white noise and motions that are meant to mimic the womb. The baby lays in the Snoo in a swaddled type “sack.” This comforts them while providing you with extra time to sleep. Rather than having to wake up to soothe your crying baby, the Snoo comforts with different levels.

Why I Loved the Snoo

Snoo did a great job soothing my daughter when she woke up in the middle of the night or when she woke up super early. Most importantly, when I was home alone with her it provided me with peace of mind. Knowing that if I put my daughter in the Snoo she was not at risk of rolling over or suffocating. Since she was secured in the Snoo sack, I knew that I could jump in the shower, pump, clean up, or do whatever I needed to do while she slept. I remember a couple of times I was in the shower and heard my daughter cry and then I would hear the Snoo kick in and she would quiet down and go back to sleep. This provided me with so much relief when I was overwhelmed by being a new mom. When it comes to peace and quiet added with a safe baby it’s a win-win.

Tip to Cut the Cost

  1. Add it to your registry! This can be a big item that multiple people can pitch in for.
  2. If you are purchasing Snoo your self, wait for a big holiday promotion or sign up for alerts on promotions. I waited and got 40% off my Snoo.
  3. Rent! This is a new thing that was not around when I bought it but its a great option.

These are my thoughts on the Snoo. In my experience, it worked great and was well worth the investment. It claims to add 1 hour of sleep and I can vouch for it and say that it adds sleep for you AND your baby! I can’t say it was an hour every time but it does give you an extra hand when you need it. Especially when its the middle of the night and you hear your baby cry and then you hear silence and can go back to sleep.

I hope this gives you a little insight from someone who has used a Snoo. Do you have a must-have item that you recommend? Have you tried the Snoo?

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