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August 2, 2019

Mercato Trattoria

Mercato Trattoria: Linguine Al Frutti de Mare

This is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in New York. When I go to an Italian restaurant I really want it to taste authentic. This cuisine taste like someones nona (grandma) is in the back cooking some amazing dishes. The decor is pretty low key and the prices are reasonable for New York.

Mercato Trattoria: Polpetter with Crostini

Fresh Ingredients

Mercato’s ingredients are from local suppliers, including meats from Espositos and fish from Seabreeze which are located within a block. I live in the area so I am familiar with both. Sidenote: They are another thing to check out in the area if you going to have a BBQ or want fresh seafood.

My Favorites

The menu features many delicious options. We usually go with Polpetter with Crostini, meatballs, tomato sauce, and garlic crostini. These are very flavorful and the perfect size. Another appetizer we like is the Impepata di Cozze, mussels in garlic and white wine. I would get these as an entree if I didn’t get my usual.

Mercato Trattoria: Lasagna

My favorite entree is the Linguine Al Frutti de Mare (my usual) which is linguine with mussels, calamari, shrimp, clams and spicy tomato sauce. I love this dish so much that I ate it 5 times in one month. If you are a seafood lover you will love this! My husband’s go-to entree is the Lasagna which is absolute must try if you come here. I would get it for myself but unfortunately dairy doesn’t agree with me. I do, however, sneak a bite or two. We had some friends visiting a couple of months ago and they were big fans of it as well.

Mercato Trattoria

For dessert, the Tiramisu is a great classic to go with. My meal doesn’t feel complete without it.

Another favorite is the Primitivo red wine from the Puglia region of Italy.


I am always happy to share my favorites and hope you get to check it out. In my opinion, Mercato Trattoria is a great hidden gem. If you would like to see more posts like this please click here.

Note: Mercato is Michellen recommended

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