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July 15, 2019

Vineyard Day Trip

Vineyard Day Trip

Last weekend we ventured over to New Jersey for a vineyard day trip. I have mentioned to a couple of New Yorkers and even people from New Jersey that we went to New Jersey for Vineyards and they said, “there are vineyards in New Jersey?!” The answer is YES! There are many vineyards. Not all of them are created equal but it is definitely worth checking out.

Vineyard Day Trip

The vineyards are not as close as they would be in Temecula or the Finger Lakes but you can go with different regions to hit up multiple vineyards. We chose to go to Hunterdon County since it included a vineyard I had visited a couple years back.

Vineyard Day Trip


Alba Vinyard & Winery: Classic Tasting $15 & Reserve Tasting $25. This location is located among rolling hills that give you a lovely break from the city. I like this location because they feature live music and have brick oven pizza available for purchase.

Villa Milagro: Tasting $10. This vineyard is on the smaller side. You can do tastings on the patio or inside the tasting room. I was asked by the friendly owner if I was “documented” so that we interesting… Having lived in the US for over 30 years, that was a first! I would say this was not my favorite vineyard. Primarily because it was a hot day and the tasting room did not have A/C.

Beneduce Vineyards: Tasting $5. A couple of years back a friend of mine introduced me to this vineyard. It was a great way to see a different side of New Jersey. I like that this vineyard has a large tasting room that can comfortably accommodate many guests (the vineyards above did not have A/C in some areas).

They also feature what they call “group therapy” on Saturday nights and Sunday evening. You can bring your own snacks and sip some of their wine while listening to live music out in the patio or by a bonfire (when it’s cold). They also have snacks and cheeses available for purchase. – Best Overall

Old York: Tasting $10, option for Chocolate, Cupcake or Truffle pairing. Taste wise this was my favorite! They have so many unique flavors to try. My favorite was a blueberry wine. Personally, I didn’t even know this existed.

The tasting room is on the smaller side but they do have a cute shaded patio area for you to sit and enjoy a glass or bottle of wine. – Best Tasting

I realize most people think of Long Island in terms of vineyards but you might be surprised by the New Jersey Vineyards since there are so many. We made these tastings into a vineyard tasting day trip which was fun. If you are looking to explore the area a little more, I recommend staying in New Hope. It’s a cute little town that has eclectic shopping, theatre and riverside dining.

Note: I called the vineyards ahead of time to make sure it was ok to bring a 1-year-old. The overall policy is that as long as they are not disruptive to other guests children are welcome. Some vineyards have their child policy on the site.

Do you have any day trips that you recommend from New York?

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