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Kennebunkport Maine

Kennebunkport is a cute city with lots to offer for my fellow foodies. Seriously if you love seafood this is the place for you. Ogunquit: Pit Stop The great thing about taking a long road trip from New York is that there are tons of places to stop by along the way. Many of these […]

Hidden Garden

Yesterday I ended up stumbling on a stunning hidden garden in New York. Earlier in the day I was huffing and puffing because I desperately wanted to get out of the apartment. Unfortunately, when I did go outside it was too hot!! I tried finding parking in the UWS to hang out at one of […]

Vineyard Day Trip

Last weekend we ventured over to New Jersey for a vineyard day trip. I have mentioned to a couple of New Yorkers and even people from New Jersey that we went to New Jersey for Vineyards and they said, “there are vineyards in New Jersey?!” The answer is YES! There are many vineyards. Not all […]