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March 21, 2019

Free HydraFacial at Sephora

I recently saw a demonstration of a HydraFacial on ABC Today. I was pretty intrigued by it. HydraFacials simultaneously exfoliates, cleanses and hydrates your skin leaving it clear and beautiful with no downtime. They tend to cost $150-$300. So, when I heard Sephora is giving free HydraFacials I was pretty excited!

I tried out Sephora’s Hydrafacial last Sunday. I was thrilled with the results. My skin felt rejuvenated, clean and hydrated (I really needed this). I also got to see the stuff that came out of my skin, yuck!

The associate that did my facial asked questions about the skin and addressed my concerns. He made recommendations on products that would be useful.

Sephora’s Free HydraFacial Recommendations

Here’s a little more about Sephora’s Hydrafacial: “Hello, glow – this incredible facial exfoliates and hydrates skin with innovative, pore-purifying technology from the HydraFacial Company. The treatment includes an antioxidant infused serum with nourishing ingredients. “

Sephora’s Free HydraFacial powered by Perks

I realize there is a minimum purchase of $75 so it’s not completely “free.” However, you get to have a dedicated associate teaching you about products and you leave with a fresh face, so why not try it out? I’m sure most of us can easily spend $75 on a purchase. So maybe the next time you are making a Sephora run, book an appointment ahead of time to get a complementary Hydrafacial.

They recently added more locations with this feature. If you are interested click here to book. 

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