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January 26, 2019

Pampers vs Huggies

Before our baby was born we purchased a couple different diaper brands to try out. Honest & Seventh Generation since we wanted to try something more natural.

Why ruin a cute outfit?

Fast forward to when our baby was born and we were at the hospital. We noticed their brand of choice is Pampers Swaddlers. Since they are experts and we are first-time parents we figured they must be on to something. So we purchased a box to be ready for us when we got home.

We still gave Honest and Seventh Generation a shot. Unfortuently, they didn’t do the job they seemed too stiff for our baby’s body (I really wanted to like them). One of the things we liked about Pampers was the “color changing wetness indicator” and these brands didn’t have it.

So we went along with Pampers Swaddlers until our daughter was about three months old. Then we had a game changer.

Why we switched:

We purchased Huggies Little Snugglers while traveling in Chicago. The store we went to didn’t have Pampers so we randomly chose Huggies. Our daughter used these until we ran out and that’s when we realized we had not had a blowout.

When we used Pampers we would, unfortunately, have blowouts all the time!! My sister came to visit me in New York from Arizona to meet our daughter. We were meeting her at a restaurant overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. What should have been a pleasant afternoon got hectic quick. Within an hour and my daughter had two blowouts before my sister arrived. It was such bad timing. Especially since the restaurant didn’t even have a changing table so I had to change her in a booth. This included changing her outfit twice. Situations like these were very frustrating.

After we switched to Huggies Little Snugglers our daughter has NOT had any blowouts. This is surprising because it been 4 months now. I have shared what works for my family in case it works well for yours as well. I have included a side by side comparison for your review:

Pampers vs Huggies Similarities:

  • Cost: 27cents each
  • Color changing wetness indicator
  • Soft
  • Newborn umbilical chord cutout
  • Cute design

Huggies Little Snugglers Difference/Gamechanger:

  • Pocketed diaper waistband (blowout prevention)

If you are still curious about these brands. Here is a link to an overview of both:

Huggies Little Snugglers

Pampers Swaddlers

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