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Hot Air Balloon Party

This is 6!! Just like that another year, another birthday party. This year we celebrated with a Hot Air Balloon theme. Cloud Backdrop, Hot Air Balloon Decorations, Backdrop Streamers, and Balloon Garland Cloud Tablecloth, Rainbow Tablecloth and Centerpieces, Piñata Hot Air Balloon Cake Toppers and Balloon Cake Toppers Plates, cups, Cloud Napkins, and Cloud Plates Goodie Bags: Includes Sunglasses, Hot …

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Dia de Los Muertos Party

Dia de low Muertos Party

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Mermaid Party

This was by far the most fun party I have planned. My daughter was so surprised to have a real-life mermaid come to my daughters birthday party. Moon Mermaid is an old friend of mine and it was extra special to have her tell the kids about her adventures. 

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Tombstone Day Trip

We took a day trip from Tucson, AZ to visit Tombstone. It’s a great way to relive the Old West. The town is very well preserved to give you the vibe of what Arizona was like at the time.  You can encounter actors reenacting the Wild West, ride a horse and carriage, window shop, saloons, etc. Things to do: Walking …

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Rainbow Birthday Party!!

Just like that our little sweetheart is 4!! We had fun celebrating her birthday this weekend. Here is a little bit about the party. We went with a splash pool party since most of the kids are four years and younger. Also, it’s a great way for the kids to stay cool while they play outside. 

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I hope this blog helps you in your travels, foodie adventures or journey as a parent.